Redefining corporate culture of spa & wellness leader

CLIENTInfinit Wellness Czechia 2019 - 2020
ROLEBranding Webdesign Photo & video
RECOGNITIONJakub Maca Michal Ondráček Tomáš Carda

Infinit is the largest network of spa and wellness centres in Central Europe. During a year-long process, we prepared a complete rebranding for the company, a series of photos and videos, as well as an orientation system for the resorts. Our thinking was guided by the basic idea of wellness: to disturb the customer as little as possible while relaxing. The central theme of the rebranding was therefore to reduce content, visual smog, unify the colour palette and cultivate the graphic style.

The new corporate identity is based on typeface Infinit Bold, an original font we created for the company. The distinctive visual style is thus written into all materials without the need to stamp everything with the logo.

For Infinit, in addition to the font, logotype set and visual style of the printed materials, we designed a unified orientation system for wellness centres and a website. Throughout the process, we also created a series of photos and videos that focus on the client's inner peace and experience.

As part of a rebranding we also designed websites for mother brand and all welness centers at, based on distinctive Infinit font, monochromatic color palette and neat layouts. The videos and photos that introduce all relaxation centres are also made by Steezy studio.

Working with Steezy has exceeded our expectations in every way. I enjoyed working together a lot and looked forward to every other meeting. In particular, I would highlight the ability to clearly explain and defend their positions and proposals, along with an openness to comments and feedback.

Roman Svačina
Managing Director @Infinit_wellness