branding & interior for an ice-cream love brand

ClientJeště jednu Czech Republic 2021
FieldCraft Ice cream
RoleBranding Interior Design E-shop Motion design Photo & video
RECOGNITIONJakub Maca Barbora Kudelová Petr Macháček

Ještě jednu is the successfully expanding love brand of artisan ice cream, which prides itself on uncompromising quality. Just as their ice creams are free of artificial sweeteners and industrial mixes, our branding gets straight to the point - without unnecessary frills and cheap over-sweetening.

The minimalist packaging and hand-drawn logotype underline the handmade and honest craftsmanship that is the foundation of the brand. For Ještě jednu we also created a branded e-shop ​​​​, social media templates and a 3D animated video.

Our services also included the interior design of the ice cream parlour, on which we collaborated with our beloved architect Bára Kudelová. The interior design is just as uncompromising as the branding - attention to detail, materials and working with shapes that connects interior and graphic design into one compact and distinctive piece (semicircles, wool, type).

Not only do they meet your expectations, they exceed them many times over. Good job, guys!

Jakub Gavor
Founder @jestejednu