Bluring the boundaries of conventional beauty

CLIENTRIMIA Czech Republic 2022
ROLEBranding Packaging Video Webdesign
RECOGNITIONDominik Tomčík Petr Macháček Magdaléna Hlatká

Rimia is a new cosmetics brand that focuses on non-traditional beauty products and primarily appeals to Generation Z. The brand’s philosophy is to challenge traditional views of what beauty is. In addition to the logo and visual style, we also created the packaging and custom e-shop.

The Rimia e-shop is completely tailor-made. The design is based on black layout, original photos with interesting models, videos and micro animations. Have a look at

The art direction of the shoot and video shoot was a pivotal part of the overall branding, The styling of the photos relates to the visual style of the brand, as does the casting with the brand philosophy that challenges the traditional and monotonous view of beauty.