Premium hair salon branding & interior

CLIENTBackstage Czech Republic 2021
FIELDHair Salon Fashion
ROLEBranding Interior Design Webdesign Photo & video
RecognitionJakub Maca Ondřej Saida

Backstage Hair Salon is a high-end hair salon of London trained stylist Lukáš Kříž. Lukáš prides himself on precise craftsmanship, industry insight and timelessness – and he had the same expectations from the new visual identity and interior of the salon from Steezy studio.

Halos over hairdressing chairs, distinctive designs of shelves and oval mirrors, corrugated metal sheets, walnut wood and emerald curtains. Backstage is not an ordinary barber shop, but a space where art is created.

Following the interior signature elements, we also projected geometric constructions, semicircles and emerald color to the entire branding and website. Backstage is an example of how compact and professional the services looks when form follows function on all fronts

Studio Steezy did an amazing job in a very short period of time. The blue color clearly distinguishes the salon from the competition and creates a pleasant interior atmosphere. Clients often ask who the designer was.

Lukáš kříž
Founder @BackstageBrno