Reviving of old cafeteria at a hospital

CLIENTFN Bohunice Czech Republic 2020
ROLEInterior Design
RECOGNITIONOndřej Saida Jakub Maca

The original bistro in the University Hospital in Brno was a typical example of this insensitive approach to public space in large hospitals. It was not only the interior that suffered, but especially the patients and staff themselves, who preferred to go to the catering facilities outside the building. A radical change in philosophy and aesthetics was inevitable.

The clear goal of the reconstruction was to create a pleasant space with seating and good coffee where patients and visitors, doctors during lunch break and people from the hospital headquarters could meet. To bring life and art back to the self-service shop & bistro.

The original bistro, hidden behind a tastelessly taped aluminum wall, is being pulled out into the corridor space and enriched with seating. This is surrounded by shelving walls anchored into the floor and plywood shelves with an unusual terracotta lamination. The ubiquitous houseplants and colourful accents thus create an oasis in the sterile white hospital fog.

I was aware that the self-service bistro at the University Hospital Brno would be a difficult job. But the complexity and contemporary vibe of Steezy proposal exceeded all my expectations. I was delighted and the hospital management too. Despite the complications during the implementation, Steezy team was always available and, most importantly, always found the right and fresh solution. I’d like to thank them for the great cooperation and I’m looking forward to future projects together.

Jakub Šelle