Branding for award-winning coffee roasters Czech Republic 2021
FIELDCoffee Roastery
ROLEBranding Interior Design E-shop Packaging

Petra and Adam are award-winning coffee roasters who, together with their legendary Industra café, are responsible for the fact that Brno is now considered the Mecca of good coffee in Europe. At Steezy, we were responsible for rebranding the Industra brand, creating the visual identity for the new INDUSTRA.COFFEE roastery and designing a custom e-shop.

The branding of INDUSTRA.COFFEE is based on a smart grid system, where the label itself shows the flavour profile of the coffee on a grid. The packaging is then complemented by a sticker that indicates whether the coffee is suitable for filter or espresso, as well as a variety of stickers that can be peeled off the doypacks and used – for whatever you may like. We built also a custom e-shop  with a booking system for courses at

As part of the identity, we have created custom branded e-commerce solution, accompanying visual identity, branding of cafés and pop-ups or a set of animated stickers for Insta Stories.

Steezy guys have never said no to us, thanks for that! 🙏😀 We often need to modify coffee wrappers at the last minute and it always works out. We get great reviews on our packages and they never fail to please us! We look forward to more projects together.

Petra Střelecká