Motivating people to slow down and take a break

ClientInfinit Wellness Czechia 2020
ContributionDOP: Jiří Mucha
RoleCreative Concept Video Production

The main motive of the campaign for the well-known chain of wellness centers Infinit is the motto: Zastav se, which in Czech means not only Slow Down, but also Visit Us. We live in a very busy era and sometimes we just need to relax, slow down and have time only for ourselve.

We have created personalized commercials for each group of typical visitors. People with active life style are one of them and that's why this spot is full of energy, quick cuts, shaky camera moves to emphasis the contrast to the calm and peace in the Infinit Wellness.

Milenials, digital nomads or influencers are the second target audience. The spot that is why represents their habits and lifestyle. They are looking for places like Infinit not for the relax after hard workout or work but as a place for joy and nice experience and that is reflected in this spot.

Business oriented people are one of the biggest group of visitors. People that like things under control, looking for an order in everyday chaos and after work they like to relax and take their well deserved break.

Mothers and ladies in general enjoy the Infinit Wellness services as well. They are looking for peaceful place and someone who will take care of them same as they are taking care of their closest.

We have managed to film these four commercials in only 3 days on more than 15 different locations including not only scenes in the Wellness during the night break not to interrupt the standard operation, but also other exterior night scenes, scenes with cars, artificial rain any many others.

As a part of the campaign we have also created print visuals that represent the same values and deliver the same message to Slow Down and Take a Break.

Working with Steezy has exceeded our expectations in every way. We are a very demanding kind of client, and we were therefore pleased that the studio wanted to understand and get to know us in-depth. I enjoyed working together a lot and looked forward to every other meeting. In particular, I would highlight the ability to clearly explain and defend my positions and proposals, along with an openness to comments and feedback.

Roman Svačina