Dreaming as a child to promote safety seats

CLIENTSparco Kids Worldwide 2022
FIELDChild seats and accessories
ROLEConcept Creation Video Production

What happens inside the child imagination on the way home? Sparco is known for its motorsport background and we wanted to convey this emotion even to the child seats. Because every little kid wants to become a race driver.

Unfortunately we did not have perfect conditions for the shooting. Fabruary happens to be the coldest month of the year in Czechia and during the production day the temperatures in the underground garage were deep below zero degrees. Besides that it was a very interesting and entertaining production.

I'm very satisfied with the way that Steezy Studios was able to display the brand's main elements in the video. We are happy to work with them because they always strive to make our vision a reality.

Guillermo Mendoza Landi
Managing Director