Very Blue Employee Branding Campaign

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When we got a chance to work on SAP's new Employee Branding Campaign we knew we want to make it big. And that is exaclty what happened and after extensive research and preparation phase we've made our vision of creating a ridiculous blue world a reality.

The properly executed preproduction is key to success. We've modelled the whole 3D replica of the set to test out the layout and it also enabled us to easily create a storyboard based on the real dimension of the set. This saved us valuable time during the production as we knew exactly what are we looking for.

Our blue world ended up to cover more than 100 m2 and we had to remodel the set couple times so it fits into one of the biggest studios in Czechia. The whole production took us 5 days - 2 construction days, 2 production days in studio, 1 production day in other locations. The whole crew ended up to involve more than 60 people.

From the very beginning we wanted that we want to extend this concept further on even for employee testimonials. We've created easily transportable replica of our main set and visited four different countries to shoot videos with SAP employees. Check the link over here to view the whole testimonial series.

Based on our experience with we knew exactly who would create our new branding campaign. They analyzed our company culture and prepaired a campaign according to who we really are. They also went the extra mile by involving our employees in the casting process allowing us to participate and enjoy the whole experience. We were delighted with the outcome and had a lot of fun at the same time.

Martin Janáček
Managing Director of SAP Labs Czech Republic