Branding for the most exclusive pepper on Earth

CLIENTKhmer Pepper Czech Republic 2020
ROLEBranding Packaging Webdesign

Kampot pepper is a gourmet spice sought after by the best chefs in the world. Khmer pepper imports a limited amount of this ingredient from Cambodia, and at Steezy Studio we designed the packaging and website for it in addition to the new branding.

The brand is based on a distincitve font and geometric logo that symbolizes the three types of pepper as well as the three towers of the Cambodian temple of Angkor Watt. The red colour symbolises the red Campot pepper, which is grown only in this one region of the world.

It’s a pleasure to see the visual side of your project every day when Steezy Studio designed it for you. Special thanks to Jakub who was able to materialize the idea into a piece of art and was a great and willing guide all the way.

Štěpán Pokorný
Founder @khmer_pepper