Branding of a Japanese izakaya

CLIENTManya Czech Republic 2021
ROLEBranding Webdesign
RECOGNITIONJakub Maca Anna Piskačová

Izakaya Manya is a contemporary concept focused on Japanese food, sake and sushi. Margita and Martin learned directly from sushi masters in Japan, which they travelled up and down to bring the authentic atmosphere and all the umami flavours to Brno. Manya is one of the most sought-after Asian foodie venues in the Czechia and we had the opportunity to create the branding, web design and online communication and also participate in the graphic design in the precise interior from Jung architects.

We are especially proud of the menu which we designed and manufactured in our studio. The menu is based on the plywood platform that is matching with izakaya's furniture, fastened with imitation of wooden sticks and red rubber band that hold differently cut graphic papers. Quality materials and precise workmanship, just the way they like it in Japan.

We also designed and implemented an easy landing page with food & beverages menu, gallery and reservation system. Check it out at

Steezy, a team of young and cool professionals made us a lovely “deer logo” and visual identity that fit our tiny izakaya so well. Without that Manya would never be the same.

Martin Rous
Co-founder @manyabrno