Unconventional software service promo video

ClientKonica Minolta Czech Republic 2022
FieldSoftware Developement
RoleCreative Concept Video Production

Konica Minolta offers to their customers custom software development based on Microsoft services. They wanted to showcase this service based od the customer reference from one of their clients Autasuper. We've came up with a concept based on metaphores in between software development and car industry.

Autasuper is one of the biggest distributors of luxury and sport cars to the Czechia region. They are using their new system by Konica Minolta on daily basis and we wanted to emphasis that by using body rigging to get the camera closer to their employees as they are manipulating with the devices.

This sequence ended up as a part of long format video showing the whole scale of services offered by Konica Minolta. This video aimed to show not only other clients but also introduce the process of adoption of the Microsoft services to the new potential customers.