Presenting new mobile application functionality

ClientUniCredit Bank
RoleConcept Creation Motion Design

Unicredit Bank came to us with a pretty simple brief to animate their new mobile functionality into the cellphone mockups. We like to bring things further so we pitched them the idea of fully 3D scenes and hands that show the new funcionality in the coresponding environment and situations.

On a projects like this we start with storyboarding and sketches so the clients has control over the look and style of the spot from the very beginning. This saves valuable time during the production as we avoid unnecessary itterations.

Before we start with rendering the final quality we show animations in preview quality without final materials and lights. This step again saves valuable time as we don't have to iterate on the final time-consuming renders.

I have worked with Steezy on several projects, and their professionalism is impressive. Also, in this case, they came with all you might need as a client to save time - with a creative idea, relevant script, and then cuts that fit the case of the story I wanted to tell. If you need quick and high-quality video content, I highly recommend working with Steezy.

Ivo Mareček
Head of Marketing