Software product presented with style & ease

ClientAdastra Europe 2021
RoleCreative Concept Motion Design

Adoki system developed by Adastra is a sophisticated solution for handeling large amount of data. But how to deliver its functionality easily and at the same time visually attractive? We came up with the metaphore of sorting ball machine that ended up with great sucess.

We show our clients the current state using quick renders, which do not have a final visual form, but can quickly communicate the direction the animation is taking. The specific visual form is then presented only on a few key images. In this way, the client has full control over the progress and we do not waste precious time.

We love dynamic simulations. They are very attractive, drive attention and they are adding realism to the animation. Eventhough it looks like the dynamic simulations are used quite often in this video most of the shots were hand animated because it gave us more control over the final look.