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FIELDInternet of Things Software
ROLECreative Concept Motion Design
RECOGNITIONJuraj Simkovic (motion designer)

Explanatory videos are one of the areas of motion design we like the most. We like to dive deep inside new topics, understand them and simplify the communication so even very complicated topic is understandable by the new audiance. New IoT product and service by Adastra was exactly this case.

Projects like this usually need couple iterations until we reach the simplicity of the information that is understandable on the first go. That's why it is crucial to be able to make changes quickly and not to loose precious time on fine details until we have the structure of the story right.

Often the very first drafts are only created while using only basic shapes and primitive objects that are fast to create. While knowing the context this is enough to communicate the direction we would like to go, the pace or camera movemets.

I loved how Steezy nailed our brief and easily connected the creative with the story. It's great when people do what they enjoy, because you can see it in their work!

Petr Blabla
Head of Digital Retail & Adastra Lab