Building the new custom BMX unconventionally

ClientTBB-BIKE Worldwide 2020
RoleConcept Creation Motion Design UX Design 3D Visualization

We have designed an online BMX bike customizer that enables to preview the customers their newly bike even before they make an order. They have the opportunity to explore various color combinations based on the products on stock and come up with product combinations that otherwise would be hard to imagine.

We have used the fully realistic model of the BMX bike that was created for the customizer and created short commercial that promotes this new system. We build up in the spot three different bike setups for different styles of riding to show that the possibilites of the service are endless.

We wanted to capture the essence of the main BMX riding styles. That's why we've built three different scenes - city street, skatepark and forest for each main discipline. The parts and flying against the physical laws and gradually connect into the fully built bikes showing the simplicity of the service.

As some members of have an extreme sports background, they understand my assignment best and are able to penetrate it quickly. Thanks to their professional expertise, they can oppose and bring a new perspective. I am very happy for the cooperation and I appreciate it.

Alexandr Rovný